About us

For as long as David and Pam have been a couple (going on six years now) they’ve shared a love for cookies. Pam loved making them and David loved eating them. This blissful state of affairs was the status quo until Pam discovered the beauty of edible art. Pam began making cookies in various shapes and sizes - with customized motifs and designs. People who received them couldn’t get enough of them. At that point the realization dawned that others might appreciate a custom designed cookie postcard sent to them. And that’s when Eat Your Mail was born.


Eat Your Mail is dedicated to the proposition that whatever message you send should be sweet and tasteful. We take your image, (or use our custom designed templates with your message), whip out our mixing bowl and create a custom sugar cookie postcard with royal icing, for you. We then send your customized piece of edible art to you or to whomever you want to impress. An edible postcard delivered gives an unforgettable message that you can be sure won’t be forgotten. Some people eat’em, (that’s what David would do anyways), others like to save them. Whatever you do, we're pretty sure you’ll love it.


  We, (that’s us David and Pam!) and our three children ranging in age from 6 months to 5 years old, are excited to be creating one of a kind products while loving what we do. We are a family business run out of New Jersey.


We hope you enjoy getting our postcards as much as we love making them!


Bon appetit! 

David and Pam Weiss